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Daily Water Supply Pumping System in Uganda

Project Location: Countryside of Kampala Uganda

Project Background: Uganda has abundant solar source where  the sunshine time reaches 2957 hours per year averaging more than 8 hours per day. Compare with Solar energy, electrical energy is the big problem, the grid can cover few places, the price of electricity is going higher. Diesel and oil reached very high price years ago. In this situation, Solar system will be the first choice of government.

Solution: Solar system PS7500 was adopted for the project to solve the daily water supplying and agricultural irrigating.

Economy Benefit: New solar pumping technology is adopted to reduce the carbon emission and save energy, no diesel, no maintenance, no bill on power supply, and no burden on farmers, and lives as well as farming is improved. The government saves capital on the power grid building. The system generate power of 27375 kWh every year.  During 25 year using
life of our system  it will save coal 257.3 tons; and reduce carbon emission 113.2 tons, sulfur dioxide 5.1 tons, dust 3.9 tons and lime ash 66.9 tons.

Society Benefit: A “renewable energy committee”was built by the local government for promoting the solar power pump.


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Project Pictures

  1. solar panel solar panel
  2. solar panel solar panel
  3. 3-phase AC pump 3-phase AC pump
  4. solar pumping inverter solar pumping inverter

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