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Economical Plant Irrigation in Turkey

Project Location: Turkey

Project Name: PS1500 system for economical plant irrigation

Project Introduction: Solartech solar submersible pump were provided as key components in the solar pumping system for agricultural irrigation.

Solution: The system utilizes 2.1KW PV panel to power a 1.5KW AC submersible pump with a Solartech 2.2KW solar pump inverter for control and conversion. The solar  pump draws water from 117meters underground.

Economy Benefit: During 25 year using life of our system  it will save coal 36 tons; and reduce carbon emission 15.8 tons, sulfur dioxide0.72 tons, dust 0.54 tons and lime ash 9.36 tons.


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Project Pictures

  1. Solar panel Solar panel
  2. Water output effect Water output effect

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