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Agricultural Irrigation in Ningxia Province

Project location: Longde, Guyuan, Ningxia Province, China

Project name: Agricultural irrigation in Ningxia Province

Project background: Ningxia locates in northwest of China, where it is droughty and lack of rain, but with sufficient sunshine. Wheat,  rice, corn and potatoes are the main domestic crops. Solartech brings resource of life and hope of harvest to local farmers.

Solution: Solartech PS15000 system used pumping water from reservoir to a water storage tank on hillside. Combining with drip irrigation methods, system irrigates crops on ridge and at the foot of hill.

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Project Pictures

  1. Bracket Installation Bracket Installation
  2. Solar panel Solar panel
  3. solar pumping inverter solar pumping inverter
  4. Waterhead Waterhead

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