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Solar Water Pump System for Irrigation in Gingko Planting Base

Project Location: Changting County, Fujian Province, China.

Project Introduction: Changting Gingko Ecological Tourism Park was built in 1999, developed from a 160-hectare barren mountain, is the biggest gingko planting base in Western Fujian. Ginkgo fruit is rich in vitamin C, riboflavin, carotene, the antioxidant can protect the integrity of the skin, anti-aging. Nowadays, the gingko trees are decribed as the living fossils. But due to large plantation areas and conditions of various topographies, irrigation has become the most serious problem of ginkgo base construction. In response, after careful planning and deep discussions, the local Water Conservation Bureau and Water Protection Bureau decided to introduce Solartech solar pumping irrigation system to alleviate the irrigation problem of the ginkgo plantation base.

Solution: Solartech PSA2200-2 solar pumping system was applied for foresty irrigation of the gingko planting base, the irrigation system can produce water around 20m3 daily at 80m lift head.

Economic Efficiency: 8,476kWh of electricity generated annually; 80 tons of coal saving in its 25-year service life; 35 tons of CO2, 1.6 tons of SO2, 1.2 tons of smoke and 21 tons of ash reductions in its 25-year service life.

Social Efficiency: Solartech solar pump system was successfully applied in Changting gingko planting base, the water supply for complex mountainous environments has been secured. Meanwhile, the system operation requires no power grid construction and human maintainence, it dramatically reduced the preliminary cost and manual work. In addition, solar water pump kit causes no pollution to the environment, it can create a green economy to achieve reservation and energy saving.

Our country is vast in territory but limited of water resources, particularly in Northwest, North, South of China, water shortage has become the primary problem in sustainable development of agriculture and forestry. The successful application of solar pumping system in Changting gingko ecological tourism park proved that the innovation of solar water conseravation can play a major role in solving water shortage.

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Project Pictures

  1. Solartech Solar Pumping Control Box Solartech Solar Pumping Control Box
  2. Irrigation Pipe Of Solar Pumping System Irrigation Pipe Of Solar Pumping System
  3. Changting Gingko Planting Base Changting Gingko Planting Base
  4. Gingko Ecological Tourism Park Before Using Solar Gingko Ecological Tourism Park Before Using Solar
  5. After Using Solar Pumping System After Using Solar Pumping System
  6. Strong Growing Ginkgo Trees Strong Growing Ginkgo Trees

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