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Solar Pumping Drought Control Demonstration in Yunnan, China

Project Location: Gaoda village, Yuxi city, Yunnan province, China


Project Introduction: Gaoda village locates in south of Tonghai county, Qujiang town of Jianshui village in the east, Longpeng and Shaochong towns of Shiping village in the west, Jiujie and Lishan villages in the north, the maximum horizontal distance from east to west is 15km, and the maximum longitudinal distance between north and south is 12.8km, rolling mountains are criss-crossing over the village. However, in recent years, the temperature rises violently in early springs, causing severe droughts. According to data provided by Yuxi Agriculture Bureau, up to Jan 30, 2013, the storage volume of city water resevior is only 347 million cubic meters, 100 million cubic meters reduction comparing to normal years, the drought affected crop area has come to 6,692 hectares, covering 46.6% of the total sown area. Due to the shortage of agriculture irrigation water, farmers living by the lake no longer grow rice, now they can only grow drought-tolerant crops like corn.


Solution: Drought in Yunnan province has seriously affected the crops growth and villagers' daily life, the provincial and municipal leaders attached great importance to the drought. The solar water pumping drought control demonstration project was set up by Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department, organized by Yunnan Rural Science and Technology Service Center and Science and Technology Bureau of Yuxi Municipality, it's applying Shenzhen Solartech PSA5500-1  solar pumping system with 150m water head and 30m3 daily water flow. The system has successfully solved the irrigation problem for 2 hectares of corn, wheat and other crops.


Economic Benefits:17870kWh electricity generated annually, 168 tons of coal saving, 73.9 tons ofCO2, 3.4 tons of SO2, 2.5 tons of smoke and 43.7 tons of ash reductions in its 25 years service life.


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Project Pictures

  1. Drought Control Demostration Project Drought Control Demostration Project
  2. Solar Pumping Project Completion Ceremony Solar Pumping Project Completion Ceremony
  3. Solar Arrays Solar Arrays
  4. Drought Resistant Pipeline Drought Resistant Pipeline
  5. Solar Irrigation Pipeline Solar Irrigation Pipeline
  6. Flowing Out Irrigation Water Flowing Out Irrigation Water

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