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High Power Solar Pumping Irrigation System in Bangladesh

Project Location: Sunamganj County, northeast Bangladesh (2017)

Project Introduction: Bangladesh has abundant water resources, due to the weak power infrastructure and power shortage, Bangladesh is still a "water shortage" country, especially for agricultural irrigation water. Fortunately, Bangladesh is also a country with abundant solar energy resources, which is a prerequisite for the promotion of solar pumping system in Bangladesh.

Project Solution: In 2020, Solartech the 55kW solar surface pump is selected for the solar agricultural irrigation project installed in Bangladesh.

Since 2008, Shenzhen Solartech has taken the lead in promoting the original solar pumping system products and solar water conservancy solutions such as solar agricultural irrigation and solar living water supply in Bangladesh.

Practical application cases show that the solar irrigation system based on solar pumping system provide irrigation facilities using clean energy for rural non grid areas in Bangladesh, and reduce the demand for diesel and other fossil fuels as well as power consumption of the national grid in the busy agricultural irrigation season. Solar irrigation system has become an innovative and environment-friendly solarwater conservancy industry solution for Bangladesh agricultural economy.


Project Pictures

  1. Solar Array Solar Array
  2. Solar Surface Pumps Solar Surface Pumps
  3. Solar Pumping System Effect Solar Pumping System Effect
  4. Solar Pumping System Effect Solar Pumping System Effect



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