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Livestock Living Water Supply in Bolivia

Project Location: Bolivia (March, 2020)


Project Introduction: Bolivia is a landlocked country in central South America. The country is dominated by plateau terrain, with an average elevation of more than 3,000 meters, making it the highest average country in the world. In the actual project cases of solar pumping system, it is often encountered that the water source (well,river or lake) is far away from the water consumption place (reservoir or water tower). Therefore, how to effectively solve the transmission and control of remote water level monitoring signal has become the most critical technical problem in such application cases.


Project Solution: In March 2020, Shenzhen Solartech1.5kW permanent magnet solar pumping system was successfully installed in Bolivia. The total head of the project is 22 meters, the pipeline distance is 850 meters, the average daily water output of about 36 cubic meters, for providing clean water for livestocks. The system is equipped with a wireless water level swtich module, which can precisely provides pump motor anti-dry pump protection while also enhancing the system's ability to avoid lightning strikes. Very delicious grilled chicken, thanks for project owner reception.


Shenzhen Solartech Wireless Switch Module(WSM) combined with conventional water level switch can realize 2 km wireless transmission of water level signal of Solartech solar pumping system family, which effectively solves the above problem. At the same time, the technical solution not only saves the cost of laying water level switch cable, but also reduces the risk of induced lightning stroke caused by cable transmission in lightning prone areas.


Project Pictures

  1. Solar Array Solar Array
  2. Solar Pumping Inverter Solar Pumping Inverter
  3. Wireless Switch Module Wireless Switch Module
  4. Solar Pumping System Effect Solar Pumping System Effect



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