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Solar Pumping Irrigation System in Qatar

Project Location: Qatar(June, 2019)


Project Introduction: Qatar has a tropical desert climate, hot and dry. Water resource is the most important factor to restrict the development of agriculture. In order to solve the food crisis, the government advocates vigorously developing agriculture to achieve food self-sufficiency.


Project Solution: In June 2019, Solartech 7.5kw solar pumping system was successfully installed in Qatar. The project is used for agriculture irrigation, with total water head of around 50 meters and daily water flow more than 120 cubic meters. The system takes advantage of sufficient solar energy, which greatly saves the fuel cost of using diesel and other traditional irrigation methods, and because the system is fully automatic operation, it also greatly reduces manpower input and promotes the development of local agriculture.

Project Pictures

  1. Solar Pumping System Solar Pumping System
  2. Solar Pumping Inverter Solar Pumping Inverter
  3. Solar Array Solar Array



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