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Open a modern agricultural mode in Azerbaijan


Nowadays, photovoltaic industry development injects new energy into modern agriculture, and solar agriculture has become a new mode of modern agricultural development. Different from traditional agriculture, photovoltaic modern agriculture relies on modern technology, which can maximize the use of resources, adapt to local conditions and improve agricultural production efficiency.

In March 2020, Solartech 22kW solar pumping system was successfully installed and operated in Azerbaijan. Solartech customized the solution according to user's actual demand, which is the system contain of a 22kW full stainless steel water pump and a PB30KH solar pumping inverter, optimizing equipped with enough solar panels to ensure the system operating time and daily water flow.

The project is mainly composed of two parts, one is solar agricultural irrigation system which is mainly based on solar pumping system, and the other part is solar off-grid energy storage system, mainly responsible for lighting and other security and control system power supply. Instead of the conventional method of flood irrigation, the solar agricultural irrigation system is powered by pure solar energy which drive the water pump to delivery water from the well to the reservoir, and then pipes them to the irrigation system, greatly reduces the water loss and waste and makes full use of water resources.

Azerbaijan's agricultural land accounts for 52.3% of the country's land area. About 4.6 million hectares can be cultivated or grazed. Among its arable land, 38% is irrigable land. Azerbaijan is dry in summer, most of the precipitation is concentrated in winter and there are 9 months of sunshine every year, which provides unique conditions for solar pumping irrigation. In recent years, the government has successively issued a series of measures such as providing farmer subsidies and improving infrastructure construction to strongly encourage local agricultural development.

As a part of the smart farm project launched by the local government of Azerbaijan, the solar agriculture irrigation system combines traditional farm affairs with a variety of modern technologies, and has successfully promoted the development of local smart farm projects. It was highly praised by local farmers. It is not only improved irrigation efficiency, as well as significantly reduced labor cost.

Solartech solar pumping irrigation system starts working at sunrise and stops working at sunset. No needs of manual duty, diesel, grid power, or energy storage batteries. It directly drives the pump to work without any environmental pollution. At night, domestic water use can be provided by installing a water tank to store water instead of electricity. Special water demand can also be meet by combined with grid power supply, diesel generators and batteries. Matching with drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, infiltration irrigation and other water-saving irrigation facilities, it can save water and energy, significantly reduce the system construction and operation costs and improve the economic output of the project.

Solartech Solar Pumping Inverter
1. Dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm and optimized SPWM control method.
2. Support soft start of pump. Full motor protections. Optional water level switch to protect overflow and dry running.
3. Fully automatic operation. 8 years storage capacity for operation data.
4. Optional RS485/GPRS interface to implement system remote monitoring.
5. Optional solar pumping control box to support grid/diesel back-up, meeting running requirement for day and night.

Let the World of Water Fill with Sunshine

About Solartech
Shenzhen Solartech Renewable Energy Co., Ltd

Solartech is the world's leading solar pumping system professional manufacturer as well as the global solar water conservancy system solution provider.

Solartech solar pumping system products have been applied in more than 120 countries and regions around the world in living water supply, water-saving irrigation, seawater & brackish water desalination, pasture animal husbandry, desert control and other fields.

The patented solar pumping technology which originally developed by Solartech can directly convert solar energy into photovoltaic power to drive pumps and no need power grid or energy storage batteries. It is ready for use during the day and can store water instead of electricity at night. Solartech solar pumping system technology was listed in the China Key Promotion Guidance Catalog of Advanced Water Conservancy Technologies by the Ministry of Water Resources in 2011 and awarded the United Nations Global Human Settlements Model of Green Technology in 2014.