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Solar Water Pump for Agriculture Irrigation in Bangladesh

Project Location: Village Muradpur, Bogra County, Bangladesh


Project Introduction: Bogra is a county in Rājshāhi, Bangladesh. It lies at the middle-north part of Bangladesh. The average annual rainfall in Bogra is 1 610mm, average temperature ranges from 11.9 °C to 34.6 °C. Agriculture is the main revenue source for local peasants. Lacking of water resource is the key factor which restrains the local agriculture, animal husbandry’s development because of the seasonally uneven rainfall.


Solution: Utilizes Solartech PS4000 solar  pumping system with 2 auto-tracking systems. The system can pump 600m3 per day with 12m dynamic water head, which provides the adequate irrigation conditions for economic crops such as rice, jute, tobacco etc. It also establishes the foundation for local solar agriculture development.


Economic Benefits: Solartech PS4000 solar  irrigation system annually generates 15 330 kWh. In its 25-year lifespan, the system can save standard coal 144 tons, reduction emission of CO60 tons, SO2.9tons, smoke 2.2 tons, lime ash 37.5 tons.


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Project Pictures

  1. Solar Pumping System with Solar Tracker Solar Pumping System with Solar Tracker
  2. Solartech Solar Pumping Inverter PB5500 Solartech Solar Pumping Inverter PB5500
  3. Huge Water Flow Huge Water Flow

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