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Solar Pump Widely Used, Will Windmill Pump be Replaced Soon?

Project Location: Guatemala


Project Background: In recent years, thanks to the unique rich solar sun conditions and the continued reduction in the cost of PV modules, various types of solar powered system solutions and products here by the government's recommended support and user acceptance and recognition. From the first set of permanent magnet solar pumping system project installation and operation in 2014, Shenzhen Solartech and local distributor has been working together for more than 5 years, successfully installed more than 300 sets of solar powered water pumping system in Guatemala. These solar pumping systems, spread throughout 22 provinces of Guatemala and are mainly used for agricultural irrigation and drinking water for livestock, the power from 400W to 22kW, greatly improving the conditions of local agricultural irrigation and livestock watering. The rapid development of the solar water conservancy industry in Guatemala has significantly increased agricultural cultivation production and livestock farming, which directly benefiting more than 3 million farmers and herders.


Project solution: The renovation project for using solar pump to replace windmill water pump in Guatemala was completed in February 2020. The project selected SPM600HS permanent magnet solar pump, equipped with three 275W solar panels, the total head of 20 meters and the average daily waterflow is 18 tons. The owner of the original windmill pump has been in disrepair. Affected by the wind season, the waterflow is very low. Solartech solar pumping system completely solved the problem of stable water supply. What is more, the cost of the project used solar pump is only one-tenth of the cost of mechanical windmill pump.



Project Pictures

  1. Solar Pumping System Solar Pumping System
  2. Solar Array Solar Array
  3. Solar Array Solar Array
  4. Solar Pumping Inverter Solar Pumping Inverter



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