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Multiple Power Supplies Water Solar Pumping System in Guizhou

Location: Guanxin Village, Daying Town, Ziyun County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province


Introduction: The project was officially put into use in May 2018. It mainly provides water for a total of 1,213 people from 6 village groups including Wuguan, Zhongzhai, Huangqingshu, Lushuiguan, Diba and Xinzhai. This project is combined with the implementation of the technical demonstration project of the Ministry of Water Resources. It uses multiple power supplies water solar pumping system to reduce the water cost of the villagers and solve the problem of safe drinking water for the villagers. The multiple power supply intelligent device realizes the automatic start/stop control of the water pump according to the water level of the reservoir. In normal operation, the photovoltaic power generation is mainly used to adjust the output frequency in real time according to the change of sunshine intensity, and the MPPT mode speed control operation ensures the smooth operation of the pump. When the light can not meet the requirements of water pumping, it will automatically switch to the city water pumping to ensure the reliability of the water supply. It also has a fault alarm function, which can be used to know the running status of the equipment in real time through the mobile phone APP.


Solution: The design of the project is 163m, the water head is 60m3 per day, and the water transportation distance is 3200m. Using Solartech 7.5kW stainless steel AC solar pumping system. It takes only 6 hours to fill its 100 cubic meters of water every day, because the local farmers know the water well. So it is very water-saving, and the amount of water per day is enough to meet the needs of local farmers.


Economic Benefits: The solar pumping system has an average annual power generation of 45,990KWh, which thus can save 432 tons of standard coal, reduce 190 tons of carbon dioxide emission and 8.6 tons of sulfur dioxide, and lessen smoke and dust emission of 6.5 tons and industrial ash 112 tons within its life span of 25 years.


Social Benefit: In the case of the depletion of fossil energy, the application of solar energy to agricultural production, industrial production and people's lives can save limited power resources, better clean the environment, reduce pollution, reduce the economic expenditure burden of farmers in poverty-stricken areas, and achieve the most Good poverty alleviation effect. The multi-power supply intelligent water supply system can effectively solve the water supply problems in various fields such as desertification and rocky desertification control, ecological environment improvement, crop irrigation, and human and animal drinking.





Project Pictures

  1. Solar Array Solar Array
  2. PB-G2 Solar Pumping Inverter PB-G2 Solar Pumping Inverter
  3. AC Pump AC Pump
  4. Water output Water output



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