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Solar Pumping System Agricultural Irrigation System in Bangladesh

Project Location: Asian, Bangladesh, Rajshahi


Project Background: Because of electricity resources shortage, 50% percent of the country is still without electricity supply, that is why Bangladesh mainly rely on rainwater and diesel pumping to irrigate farmland. However, Bangladesh is rich in solar energy, which makes them dedicate to develop solar energy. Meanwhile, as one of the least developed countries, International organizations such as the World Bank, the Asian Bank and the United Nations Development Program(UNDP) offer them concessional loan of between 6%- 8% to promote the installation and using of solar energy systems, for the purpose that poor or middle-income households can benefit from solar energy. In that case, it will improve the people's standard of living . 


Project solution: In 2004, Solartech PS4000 had been successfully installed in Bangladesh. The project  totally water head of 13m and a daily water flow of 120m3, was used for irrigating 15 acres of rice ensuring water demand for crops. Compare to diesel pumping, the cost of solar pumping reduce 40%. Since 2008,  Solartech and Agriculture Department of Bangladesh started corporation in research and application of solar agricultural water conservancy. At present, Bangladesh has taken solar pump irrigation for agricultural as a national policy, which set an example of new energy science and technology development for agriculture in South Asia.


Economy Benefits: The system can generate 18220 kw/h electricity per year, save 171 tons of standard coal, reduce 75 tons of carbon dioxide, 3 tons of sulfur dioxide, 3tons of soot and 45 tons of ash in its service life of 25 years.            

Bangladesh can increase $1 domestic production by efforts of 1m3 of water, according to World Development Indicators in 2011, published by the World Bank. This solar pumping system will supply 4.2 million m3 of water in the coming 25 years.


Project Pictures

  1. Solar array Solar array
  2. Solar pumping inverter Solar pumping inverter



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