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Solartech New Products Show in Sao Paulo, embrace Samba Country


2018 InterSolar South Americ exhibition will be held on 28-30 Aug, 2018 at the White Pavilion of the North International Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Shenzhen Solartech will show our new product PSM400 permanent magnet pumping system in this exhibition.Sincerely welcome you come to visit our booth F-100.

Shenzhen Solartech is a professional manufacturer of solar pumping system, Solar Water-saving Irrigation system, Solar Seawater desalination system,solar pump and other products related. By the original creativity of solar pumping products, Solartech heve applied cutting-aged patents. Prodcts has been widely used in more than 110 countries and areas for agriculture & forest irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, living water supply, seawater & brackish desalination and city water scape. For the virtue of the Solar pumping technology and its application around the world, Solartech was grant "The Global Human Settlements Model of the Green Technology Award" in 2014.

According to the report, there was more than 220 participators, 12,000 visitors from 47 countries took part in 2017 InterSolar South America. The 2018 InterSolar South America will last 3 days, expectily there will be more than 4000 businessmen from more than 150 enterprises take part in that.

Brazil's solar market has huge potential. It is poor in coal reserves, which lead to a shortage of electricity. However, there are 280 days of sunshine a year in Brazil, which is a unique advantage for the adoption of solar energy. By efforts of the "National Energy Plan" implementation, Brazil has become the world fastest growing country in Solar products and solar energy market. Since it is difficult for the grid to total cover remote areas, and the cost is very high, the use of solar energy has become the best choice for the government and people over there, which makes solar energy equipment extremely popular among the remote area and rural residents.

Exhibition date: August 28-30, 2018
Address: White Pavilion of the North International Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Exhibition booth: F-100