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Solar Pumping System for domestic water in Honduras

Project Location: America, Honduras, Choluteca


Project Introduction: Honduras locates in the middle of America, three quarters of the country is covered by mountains and plateau. Mountains lie from west to east, surround lava plateau. The rest part of this country is valley and coast plain. This country is rich in solar resources, poor in rainfall, with high evaporation capacity. In order to achieve the target of 60% of total electricity from renewable energy power generate electricity in 2020, Honduras dedicate to solar energy. At the same time, for the benefit of policy support on renewable energy such as net metering electricity price, fixed electricity-network price, and taxation support, Honduras has already become one of the largest solar energy market in Middle America. 


Project solution: In 2015, Solartech PS4000 solar pump domestic water system was successfully installed in Honduras, which shows an example for putting solar energy to use in middle America. The project with water head of 75 m and a daily water flow of 45 tons according to actual testing data, which can fulfill around 372 people daily water drinking demand.


Economy Benefits: The system can generate 14717 kw/h electricity per year, save 138 tons of standard coal, reduce 61 tons of carbon dioxide, 2.8 tons of sulfur dioxide, 2.1 tons of soot and 36 tons of ash in its service life of 25 years.


Project Pictures

  1. Solar Array Solar Array
  2. Solar Pumping Inverter Solar Pumping Inverter
  3. Solar Pumping Installation Solar Pumping Installation
  4. Solar Pumping system Effect Solar Pumping system Effect



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