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Solartech in Yemen:Solar Pumping Irrigation System

Project Location: Seiyun city, Hadramawt , Yemen


Project Introduction: Seiyun is located in the south of Yemen, there is no river and all the available water is from underground. Yemen is an agricultural country that 75% of population are engaged in agriculture activity. The most common irrigation power supply in Yemen is diesel generator. Due to the fuel  shortage and cost raise in fuel, many farmers are unable to continue the agricultural production activities. Hence the solar pumping system is the best choice to replace diesel pumping system, and it in a long term not only can ease the water crisis but also provide guarantee for the Yemen domestic food security.


Solution: In September, 2014, the solar pumping system SPA9200 was used for this project. The solar pump SPA69K2250 with water head 40m and daily water flow 250m³, to meet the neeed of irrigation water around the project site.The whole system consist of 3 parts: solar panels, inverter and AC submersible pump. The system instead of diesel pumping that is fully automatic and runs without noise. It bid farewell to the roar of diesel work, and the investment return period is only 3 years.


Economic Benefits: 30660kWh of electricity generated annually; 288 tons of coal saving in its 25-year service life; 127 tons of CO2, 5.76 tons of SO2, 4.32 tons of smoke and 74.9 tons of ash reductions in its 25-year service life.


The World Bank's 2011 World Development Indicators show that each 1m³water used can increase yemen's domestic production by $4. The solar pumping system, which can use solar energy to supply 2.28 million cubic meters for agriculture within its 25-year life.



Project Pictures

  1. Solar Pumping Irrigation System of Yemen Solar Pumping Irrigation System of Yemen
  2. Solar Array Solar Array
  3. Effect of Solar Pumping system Effect of Solar Pumping system



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