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Chile Solar pumping Irrigation system

Project Location: Chile, South America


Project Introduction: Chile is the first South American country to establish diplomatic relations with China. The vast Atacama desert in northern of Chile is one of the places where solar radiation is the most powerful on earth. With low rainfall, Chile is the most suitable place for developing solar power generation.Today only 4% of Chile’s electricity comes from non-tradition renewable energy. Chile's government has approved a new energy strategy, setting a target of 70 % country's electricity coming from renewable energy by 2050. Former Chilean President Bachelet said: “Chile is a mature country that has capacity to meet the enormous challenges and make changes. As governments, we must act to create a better future.”


Project solution: The project adopts Solartech PS15000 solar pumping irrigation system with water head of 30 m and a daily water flow of 120m3. The system pumped water from the well and stored it in the reservoir. When the reservoir is filled with water, it is pressurized by gravity to irrigate the alfalfa   and to meet the water demand of the alfalfa . The use of Solar pumping system instead of diesel generator pumping greatly reduces the cost of construction and maintenance, and the system has a one-time investment, fully automatic operation and no manual duty.


Economy Benefits: The system can save 40953 kw/h electricity per year, save 385 tons of standard coal, 169 tons of carbon dioxide, 8 tons of sulfur dioxide, 6 tons of soot and 100 tons of ash in its service life of 25 years.


Project Pictures

  1. Solar Array Solar Array
  2. Solar Pumping Inverter Solar Pumping Inverter
  3. Effect of Solar Pumping system Effect of Solar Pumping system



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