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Dakar, Senegal photovoltaic irrigation project

Project Location: Dakar, Senegal


Project Background: One of the poorest countries listed by the UN—Senegal, like most of the Africa countries, has her economy mainly contributed by its agricultural sector. The country’s capital Dakar lies in the Cape Verde, 14 degrees north to the equator, east shore of Atlantic Ocean. With particularly favorable natural condition, Dakar enjoys sufficient sunlight during the whole year. In recent years, the raising of investment in farmland water conservancy facilities by the government brought both expansion of the arable land and yield output increase in agriculture production. However, since 2006 corps yield output were generally decreased by the a comprehensive factors such as the decreasing rainfall and reducing investment on the agriculture section.       


Project solution: Dakar has rich sun radiation. Solartech Italian Partner Company visited the site and made the decision to adopt Solartech SPM600C solar DC pumping system for the irrigation of garden plant. The system covers the irrigation the garden plant in 1000 square meters. Solartech SPM600C DC pumping system has 25 years life span can draw 20 tons of water a day when placed with 10 meters head. The implementation of Solartech DC pumping system not only guaranteed the cultivation of the garden plant but also provided a environmental agriculture production model for the local agriculture development.


Economy Benefits: Solartech SPM600C solar DC pumping system has average annual power generation of 1642.5KWh, The system can save 15.4 tons of standard coal, reduce 6.8 tons of carbon dioxide emission, lessen smoke and dust emission 0.3 tons and industrial ash 4 tons if use to its life span of 25 years.                   


Solartech’s solar pumping system has been applied to more than 100 countries and regions, these practical project case proves that its solar pumping system are of efficient low cost energy conservation hi-tech irrigation product. The application of solar pumping system in Gansu brings both grain and income augments, guaranteeing local peasant’s living condition improvement, once and for all changed peasant’s passive status of ‘living at the mercy of elements’. Solartech has been carry the concept of ‘drawing from the nature and fully use to the people’, focus on to solve food and ecological problems, while guaranteeing increasing yield, in the meantime protect eco-environment. Surely Solartech opens a door to the global grain production and environment protection.



Project Pictures

  1. Field Trip by Solartech Italian partner Field Trip by Solartech Italian partner
  2. Solartech SPM600C Solar DC pumping system Solartech SPM600C Solar DC pumping system
  3. Solartech SPM600C pump inverter Solartech SPM600C pump inverter
  4. Irrigation system Irrigation system



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