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Shenzhen Solartech Exhibited at the 123rd Canton Fair


On April 15, 2018, the 123rd Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou on schedule. Although Guangzhou has ushered in cooling and rainfall, it is still unable to stop the enthusiasm of visitors from all over the world. Shenzhen Solartech demonstrated the solar water pumping system and solar water conservancy integrated application solution with independent intellectual property rights, which has been highly recognized and praised by visiting customers, and expressed the hope that a cooperative relationship can be established as soon as possible, and Shenzhen Solartech’s products and system integration solution will be introduced to promote and apply it to the local market.

A Saudi Arabian customer carefully was inquiring about our intelligent water solutions. According to the customer's needs, our colleagues at the exhibition focused on recommending solar pumping system products equipped with remote monitoring systems to solve the intelligent irrigation demand of customers' farms. Without going out of the office, we can control the solar pumping system in real time core operating data and dynamics through our back-end management platform.

A Senegalese customer carefully was inquiring about our diesel and solar hybrid pumping solution system. Shenzhen Solartech diesel and solar hybrid pumping System can support the backup diesel engine to generate power for the system to meet the needs of pumping water during long cloudy days or at night in off-grid areas. This kind of solutions always use solar power generation as a priority, minimizing system usage costs.

Many visitors were very interested in our 300W stainless steel permanent-magnet solar pump which can be powered by only 1 piece 330W solar panel. It has the features of high efficient, long life and easy to install. It is very useful for saving labor to pump water in off-grid area.

As the global leading solution provider for dedicating to R&D solar and water conservancy systems, Solartech is also a professional manufacturer of solar pumping inverters, solar water pumps, solar pumping systems, solar water-saving irrigation systems and solar sea water desalination systems. Solartech advocates the solar water conservancy industrial technology, it utilizes the solar energy as power source, consuming the generated power in real time at real place, no need extra storage battery or grid, it has the advantage of free operation cost, saving huge investment in building water channels, and it’s easy to design and implement in those areas where is off-grid or with bad electricity supply. The solar water conservancy industrial technology can advance the healthy development of solar industry, ensure the realization of energy saving and emission reduction. In the fields of agricultural infrastructure establishment, production increase in food, grass and meat, ecological environment improvement, desert control, borderland construction and precisely-targeted poverty alleviation, the solar water conservancy technology has comprehensive benefits and huge market applications.

Exhibition date : April 15-19, 2018
Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Exhibition booth: 8.0 D12-D13