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Solartech Attended REI and Focused on Indian Market


REI is generally accepted as the first largest international renewable energy exhibition in India and South Asia. Solartech always attaches high importance to India market. In the 11th REI, Solartech received heated responses and great attentions as usual. Through the exhibition, Solartech strengthened and enlarged its local sales channels and after sales service system greatly. The following were highlighted moments of the exhibition.
In the past 2016, there was a repaid growth in global PV installed capacity, and India achieved a total amount of about 4GW, which was a splendid achievement. When came to the agriculture sector, it took 17.4% of the GDP of India, and over a half of labor force in India worked in agriculture sector and related jobs. However, the power facilities in many remote and rural areas were outdated and couldn't provide stable and sufficient power supply including those farmers who equipped with advanced irrigation devices. For many farmers, the electric pumps powered by grid or gasoline or petrol were not cost effective. Due to the reasons given above, it had come to a result of slow development in agriculture and a great waste in labor force.
Solartech has rich experience in solar pumping technology and small water conservancy applications. Solartech developed the world's leading AC & permanent magnet solar pump solutions, which integrated solar array, solar pumping inverter and AC & permanent magnet pumps. Taking advantages of abundant sunshine resource and running the pumps in variable speed, Solartech found ways to provide Indian farmers more economical, practical, and environment friendly solutions, Solartech solar pumping system products had been successfully applied in different states of India by cooperating with local Indian partners.
Solartech has good aspirations:
Where there is sunshine, there will be Solartech solar pumps.
where there is sunshine and wind, there will be Solartech solar-wind hybrid pumps. Where there is undrinkable water, there will be Solartech solar seawater & brackish water desalination systems.