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Solartech Will Attend the 24th China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair


China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair was founded in 1994, November each year in the National Agricultural Hi-Tech Industry Demonstration Zone in Yangling. It is one of the four major scientific and technological exhibitions supported by the Chinese government. It is praised as an Olympic event in the field of agricultural science and technology in China. It is commented as the largest and most influential exhibition in China with thousands of exhibitors and millions of visitors which is most popular among agricultural enterprises and farmers.
The 24th China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair will be held during Nov 5-9, 2017. The theme of this exhibition is "The Belt and Road Boost Agricultural Modernization". The main activities include international agricultural cooperation and communication, modern agricultural development discussion and characteristics modern agriculture exhibition.
Solartech is the world's leading solar pumping system professional manufacturer, and global solar water conservancy system solution provider. Solartech solar pumping system products have been widely applied in more than 110 countries and areas in agriculture & forest irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, living water supply, seawater & brackish desalination and city waterscape. In this event, Solartech will exhibit the solar pumping demonstration system and other the new solar pumping system products.
Solartech solar pumping system consists of a solar pumping inverter, a data monitor for remote monitoring & control (optional), a pump and a solar array. Solar pumping system common accessories include solar combiner box, solar pumping control box, backed-up AC power supply control box and water level switch. Solar array supporting bracket, cables and AC output reactor (optional) are also used for implementing a complete solar pumping system.
Date: November 5-9, 2017
Solartech Booth No.: BO40~41
Address: Yangling Demonstration Zone, Shaanxi, China