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Solartech Will Attend REI 2017



REI (Renewable Energy India Expo) is the largest international renewable energy exhibition in both India and South Asia. As an important platform of accelerating the technology development and communications of Indian renewable energy, REI attracts a good number of renewable energy investors under the strong support of Indian government and has became the best business development platform for worldwide enterprises to expand their business in India.
The 11th REI will be grandly opened in India Expo Centre Greater Noida in September 20, 2017. We sincerely invite our customers to visit Solartech in out booth 11.141, you will see our most advanced solar pumping technology and solutions, we look forward to communicating with you on the expo.
India has the largest agricultural population in the world and ranks the world’s largest rice exporting country. Agriculture plays a critical role in Indian national economy structure. However India is among the top 20 economic entities which has the most severe power supply shortage. Meanwhile, India has very rich sunshine and good potential to the largest potential to develop solar system installations like solar pumping systems.
Solartech has been acting as the world’s leading solar water conservancy solution provider and professional manufacturer of solar pumping systems, solar water-saving irrigation systems, solar seawater/brackish water desalination systems and solar pumping inverters. Founded in 2004, Solartech has devoted itself to solar pumping industry and got remarkable achievements. As one of the first several solar companies in Indian market, Solartech brand is highly recognized and widely spread all over India. By attending REI 2017, Solartech hope to communicate with more potential customers in India and share with Indian people the solar benefit with could be utilized by adopting advanced Solartech solar pumping systems.
We wish REI 2017 will be a great success!
Solartech Booth No.: 11.141
Time: September 20-22, 2017
Place: India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, India