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Solar Swimming Pool in Cyprus


LocationTsada, Cyprus


Introduction: Cyprus locates in both Europe and Asia, it has around 330 sunny days annually and thousands of resort hotels where is the hottest tourist destination in Mediterranean area. To keep the water clean, every swimming pool has a water pump. But facing the rising electric bill, more and more hotels are feeling the financial embarrassment.


Solution: In 2014 May, Solartech PF solar pumping inverter was successfully installed. PF1500L solar pumping inverter supports wide voltage input range which is perfectly compatible with big power solar panels, working together with the existing 3 phase swimming pool pump, now the hotel can say goodbye to electric bills of the pump. According to the electricity standard of Cyprus, the investment of the solar swimming pool can be fully recovered after 3 years.


Economic Benefits: 4,285kWh of electricity generated annually; 45 tons of coal saving in its 25-year service life; 14 tons of CO2, 0.6 tons of SO2, 0.5 tons of smoke and 8 tons of ash reductions in its 25-year service life.



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Project Pictures

  1. PV Array at Rooftop PV Array at Rooftop
  2. Solartech PF1500L Solar Pumping Inverter Solartech PF1500L Solar Pumping Inverter
  3. Solar Poor Pump Installation Place Solar Poor Pump Installation Place
  4. Swimming Pool in Frangos Hotel Swimming Pool in Frangos Hotel