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Guizhou Solar Pumping Agriculture Irrigation & Daily Water Supply Project


Location: Weining, Guizhou province, China


Introduction: The solar pumping agriculture and living water supply project is the first solar pumping demonstration project of Weining. The project uses solar energy to power the pump to produce drinking and irrigation water for all 500 families in the village. The project started to run in 2014 May, solar living water supply has opened a new page for rural people in the village.


Solution: SolartechPSA4000-6 solar pumping system (promoted by China Ministry of Water Resources) was applied in this project, it can produce water 100m3 daily at 56m water head. With a pump station, 3 reservoirs and a water channel built at the same time, the village fully applied its abundant solar resources on water pumping, water shortage was no longer a problem. This project set a good example solving the water shortage in rural areas by utilizing solar energy, the mode contains good promotion value.


Economic Benefits: 15,242kWh of electricity generated annually; 143 tons of coal saving in its 25-year service life; 63 tons of CO2, 2.86 tons of SO2, 2.14 tons of smoke and 37.25 tons of ash reductions in its 25-year service life.


According to World Development Indicators 2011 published by World Bank, every cubic meter of water consumption could contribute 4 USD to China's GDP, in the system 25-year service life, over 912,500 cubic meters of water can be produced by solar energy for agriculture irrigation and daily water supply.


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Project Pictures

  1. China Solar Pumping Demonstration Project China Solar Pumping Demonstration Project
  2. Solartech PSA4000-6 Solar Pumping System Solartech PSA4000-6 Solar Pumping System
  3. Daily Water Supply 100m3 at 56m Daily Water Supply 100m3 at 56m
  4. Green Solar Irrigation Farmland Green Solar Irrigation Farmland

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