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Solar Animal Husbandry and Irrigation Project in Pakistan


Location: Quetta, Baluchistan Province, Pakistan


Introduction: Quetta is the administration center of the largest province in Pakistan, rich in fruits like grapes, peaches and watermelons. Pakistan is weak in power generation infrastructures, the electricity available time for remote areas is less than 2 hours per day, the agriculture irrigation used to suffer with the power shortages. Solving the problem of living water and irrigation water supply can improve the life standard of local people, which also helps to increase farmer incomes.


Solution: In 2014, Solartech PS15000off-grid solar pumping system was installed in suburb of Quetta, the distributed solar pumping system can produce water 40m3  daily at 220m water head for agriculture irrigation and living water supply for people and livestock. Gwadar port in Baluchistan province is the Chinese strategy crossing point of the “one belt and one road”, China has a plan building 14 power plants in Pakistan to solve the energy crisis, Solartech solar pumping system is bound to be a beautiful scenery along the energy corridor between Pakistan and China.


Economic Benefits: 46,910kWh of electricity generated annually; 441 tons of coal saving in its 25-year service life; 20 tons of CO2, 9 ton of SO2, 7 tons of smoke and 115 tons of ash reductions in its 25-year service life.


According to World Development Indicators 2011 published by World Bank, every cubic meter of water consumption could contribute 1 USD to Pakistan's GDP, in the system 25-year service life, over 365,000 cubic meters of water can be produced by solar energy for animal husbandry and farm irrigation.



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Project Pictures

  1. Distributed Solar Pumping System Distributed Solar Pumping System
  2. Solar Irrigation Area Solar Irrigation Area
  3. Water Produced by Solar Pump Technology Water Produced by Solar Pump Technology
  4. Solartech Solar Pumping Inverter Solartech Solar Pumping Inverter

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