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High Standard Solar Pumping Farmland Irrigation Project in Shandong


Location: Laicheng district, Laiwu, Shandong, China (2015 Jan)


Introduction: This project in Miaoshan County is in the northeast of Laiwu where ginger, pepper and yellow tobacco and other local special agricultural products are planted and being sold in both domestic and overseas market. The mountainous landscape in Miaoshan made the local development and construction difficult, furthermore, the shortage of water resource in Miaoshan has worsened the mountain into a barren one, making the vast land resource a waste. The local agricultural production is yet to be improved because of the ineffective use of land resource plus the poor overall economic condition. In order to increase the productivity, local government decided to implement a batch of high standard cropland; the solar pumping irrigation project is a part of the high standard cropland construction scheme.


Solution: Led by the Land and Resource Bureau of Laiwu, the project adopted Solartech PS26000 solar pumping irrigation system, the system can support 95m water head and 960m horizontal water transport distance with 200daily water output. Along with the pumping system, this project has also built a 800m3 reservoir to irrigate the surrounding 67 hectares of barren land. The solar array was installed at top of reservoir to guarantee sufficient solar radiation and prevent the, it’s also good for the cooling of solar panels. Solartech solar pumping system solved the water difficulty for agriculture irrigation. The installed solar pumping system will not only enlarge arable land by turning the barren land into fertile land but also improve the farmers income.  


Economic Benefit: 103,718kWh of electricity generated annually; 975 tons of coal saving in its 25-year service life; 429 tons of  CO2, 19.5 tons of SO2, 14.6 tons of smoke and 253.7 tons of ash reductions in its 25-year service life. By using solar power to irrigate the crops, pollution made by diesel engine and grid power can be effectively reduced, It not only saves the energy but also protects the environment.


Social Benefit: In recent years, Laiwu government and Land and Resource Bureau have attached great importance to farmland construction. The city planed to enlarge high standard farmland to 26.7 thousand hectares by 2015, at the same time, the plan also stressed out farmland protection and collective land saving. However, because of the special landscape and water resource shortage especially low precipitation during the autumn and winter seasons, the farmland crops are frequently suffering from drought. Even with the government lead for turning mountain slope into standard crop land, the electric supply problem is still making farmland irrigation a problem. Comparing to building expensive grid power line, installing a solar pumping system has obvious advantages. One time investment, lifetime benefit, through using solar pumping system to draw water into the reservoir at the mountaintop for irrigation will impel the realization of Laiwu‘s plan on developing high standard farmland.


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Project Pictures

  1. Solartech Solar Agriculture Irrigation Project Solartech Solar Agriculture Irrigation Project
  2. Solar Pumping Inverter in Control Box Solar Pumping Inverter in Control Box
  3. Farmland Before System Installation Farmland Before System Installation
  4. Good Water Flow by Solar Energy Good Water Flow by Solar Energy
  5. Sprinkling Irrigation by Solar Energy Sprinkling Irrigation by Solar Energy
  6. Solar Irrigation on Dry Farmland Solar Irrigation on Dry Farmland