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Eritrean Solar Water Conservancy Agriculture Irrigation Demonstration Project


Project Location:  Adi Quala, Mendefera, Eritrea (Jan, 2015)


Project Introduction: The Eritrean solar water conservancy agriculture irrigation demonstration project is located in the city of Mendefera, Southern Province of Eritrea. This demonstration project is an Aid Project sponsored by Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to Eritrea. Eritrea is an agriculture country, 80% of the population live on farming and husbandry . The poor agricultural infrastructure and the backward means of the production have made the country seriously short of food --the self-sufficient rate only reaches 60-70% even in a very good harvest year . It is very urgent for the country to increase its food production to satisfy the food demand. The ministry of agriculture of Eritrea thus decided to implement high efficiency agriculture irrigation project to increase the country’s grain production, Taking a month to construction , this project, was jointly accomplished by Shenzhen Solartech and Xinjiang Tianye Corp. The solar pumping system can satisfy 1000Mu farmland irrigation.   


Project Solution: After detailed spot investigation of the local agricultural production condition in Adi Quala , the techinical team chose Solartech PS18500 solar drip irrigation system (2 sets).


The fully automatic irrigation system which takes water directly from the local lake covers 1000mu (6666.6 acres) of local economic plants with 40m of water head and 900m3 daily water output. This is the 1st demonstrative base to build a modernized agriculture application of solar water conservancy irrigation system in Adi QualaEritrea. Combining excellent design plans and advanced equipmentthe irrigation system overcomes lots of difficulties like backward local electric power facilities, problems of water intaking from the lakeproblems of remote transport of water to the farmland etc.


The installed irrigation system uses high efficiency and pollution free solar energy as the power source , employs floating platform installation to intake water from lakes, adopts pipeline for water transport and integrates drip irrigation under the plastic film, pushing an improvement for the agricultural planting level in Eritrea. 


Economic Benefit: The solar pumping system has an average annual power generation of 103,718KWh, which thus can save 975 tons of standard coal, reduce 429 tons of carbon dioxide emission and 19.5 tons of sulfur dioxide, and lessen smoke and dust emission of 14.6 tons and industrial ash 253.7 tons within its life span of 25 years. Using solar energy as its power enables the solar pumping drip irrigation system to save 70% water, improving agriculture water usage efficiencyand in the meantimesaving the use of fertilizer and pesticide, thus reducing environment pollution. 


Social Benefit: This Project is highly valued and supported by Eritrea Agriculture Ministry, Debub Region and local residents. The whole process included the installation and testing of the system, farmland water diversion, farming of the test field and training of local technical staff all of which went very smoothly. The completion of this solar water conservancy agriculture irrigation demonstration project will satisfy the water demand of the surrounding agricultural and husbandry industry. Now the planting seeds grow quite well in the 20 hectares of testing field. Upon solving the water difficulty, the solar irrigation system will enable three times farming in a year compared with the previous yearly one time farming, consequently raising the yield output.


On 27th January, 2015, the Chinese ambassador Mr. Qiu Xuejun to Eritrea and the Secretary of Eritrea Agriculture Ministry jointly paid a visit to the project site. Both of them highly praised and acknowledged the contributions made by Shenzhen Solartech solar pumping technology to the solving of local agricultural water problem, the assistance of modern agriculture development of Eritrea and the raising grain yield as well as its self-sufficient rate.    


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Project Pictures

  1. A site view on solar array installation A site view on solar array installation
  2. The completion of solar pumping irrigation system The completion of solar pumping irrigation system
  3. Solartech solar pumping control box Solartech solar pumping control box
  4. Solar pumping system installation site Solar pumping system installation site
  5. Solar Pump System Water output Solar Pump System Water output
  6. China to Eritrea ambassador Mr. Qiu Xuejun(4th fro China to Eritrea ambassador Mr. Qiu Xuejun(4th fro

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