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Solar Rapeseed Field Irrigation in Iran

Project Location: Kerman, Iran


Project Background: Iran is a middle east country, where arid and semi-arid lands cover most of the nation. The annual rainfall in Iran is only one third of global average while the evaporation is three times the global average.

Water source is insufficient in Iran, but the country is rich of solar energy, so solar water pumping system becomes the best solution solving the problem of water and electricity shortages for remote areas. Solartech solar pumping system requires zero human maintenance which can support automatic operation all the time.

At the time being, Iran Ministry of Agriculture is taking positive measures to promote the fast development of local agriculture by increasing the water usage efficiency in agricultural irrigation. The ultimate purpose of Iran Ministry of Agriculture is to increase the strategic grain yield and to continue the stable development of agriculture.


Solution: The project adopts Solartech solar pumping system PSA550-2 for rapeseed field irrigation. The system was installed in May, 2012. The solar pumping system was supplied by Solartech, including solar panels, solar pumping inverter, and pump, as well as the blueprint of solar panel mounting structure. The pump was installed in well at 20m underground, the daily water supply can reach 35m3 when solar radiation is strong enough. The water is pumped and delivered into the farmland tens of meters away. The rapeseed field locates in remote area where has no surface water nor available electricity, Solartech solar pumping system has helped the customer solve the problems of agriculture irrigation.


Economic Benefits:  2,628kWh of electricity generated annually; 24.7 tons of coal saving in its 25-year service life; 10.9 tons of CO2, 0.5 tons of SO2, 0.4 tons of smoke and 6.4 tons of ash reductions in its 25-year service life.

According to World Development Indicators 2011 published by World Bank, every cubic meter of water consumption could contribute 2 USD to Iran's GDP, in the system 25-year service life, over 319,400 cubic meters of water can be produced by solar energy.


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