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Agricultural Solar Water Conservancy High-efficient Water- Saving Irrigation In Qionghai Hainan

Project location: Changxian Village, Zhongyuan Town, Qionghai, Hainan.


Project introduction: Agricultural planting and animal husbandry are two main local industries. Farmland planting mainly includes vegetables, melon and fruit like pineapple, areca-nut, banana, rubber that accounts for a significant proportion of the planting area. Due to its special geographical conditions, less annual rainfall, frequent drought and water resources shortage, crops daily irrigation has been a big problem. The shortage of agricultural water supply is one of the most important factors that inhibit the development of the local agriculture. After studying the severe local situation of water shortage and drought, Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau and Soil & Water Conservation Bureau decided to adopt Solartech solar agricultural pumping system to solve the problem of agricultural irrigation.


Project solution: The project sponsored by local government and village committee of Changxian village was successfully built in May, 2014. Solartech PSB15000-2 system was selected for the project with 19meters water head , 150m water transmission distance and 300-350m³daily water flow. The system was equipped with many kinds of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation devices such as agricultural spray irrigation, micro-irrigation, drop irrigation which ensures the daily irrigation for 500 acres of agricultural crops in the village. In addition, the system would play an important role in resisting drought in the future. This high-efficient solar pumping system project was a real people's well-being project which benefits the whole villagers.


Economic benefit: Compared with gird power irrigation, solar pumping system can save about 2000RMB/acre on the original invest cost. The economic benefit of 500 acres of farmland can be more than 6 million RMB. Besides, the grid power irrigation operation expense is very high while there is no operation cost for the solar pumping system irrigation method. One-off investment wins one lifetime benefit. In the meantime, solar pumping irrigation system has many advantages like automatic operation, easy to manage, wide application and energy conservation.


Social benefit: The system generates 8476 kWh of electricity annually. It also reduces 80 tons of coal, 35 tons of CO2, 1.6 tons of SO2, 1.2 tons of smoke and 21 tons of lime-ash in its 25 years lifetime.


Project Pictures

  1. Agricultural solar water conservancy water -saving Agricultural solar water conservancy water -saving
  2. Solartech PSB15000-2 Agricultural solar pumping sy Solartech PSB15000-2 Agricultural solar pumping sy
  3. System water head: 19m,water transmission distance System water head: 19m,water transmission distance
  4. Providing daily irrigation water for 50 acres crop Providing daily irrigation water for 50 acres crop

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