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Daily Water Supply in Yunnan

Project Location: Qujing City, Yunnan Province


Project Profile: Qujing is a remote city in Yunnan, because of the continuous draught for years, the water supply for daily use is very difficult, so in order to solve the problem, Solartech’s solar pumping system is introduced into the area.


Solution: In this project, the solar pumping system PS3000 is used. The pump draw clean water from a 30 meters deep well to a water tank whose volume is 180 m3 3km away through a trough. Daily water flow is 80m3 if the solar irradiation is enough.

Economic Benefit: The system can annually generate 8496K watt, save 79.9 tons of coal in 25 years use. Waste gas release reduction(35.1 tons of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide1.6 tons, 1.2 tons of soot, ash 20.8 t)


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Project Pictures

  1. PV array for solar pumping system PV array for solar pumping system
  2. Water flow of solar pumping system Water flow of solar pumping system

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