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Solartech in Yemen:Solar Pumping Irrigation System

In September, 2014, the solar pumping system SPA9200 was used for this project. The solar pump SPA69K2250 with water head 40m and daily water flow 250m³, to meet the neeed of irrigation water around the project site.The whole system consist of 3 parts: solar p...
Solartech Built a New Solar Finance Model

Solartech Solar Pumping System Established a New Solar Finance Model in Yemen

In 2014 September, Solartech PS30K solar pumping system was applied and became the biggest solar pumping project in Yemen after installation, it can produce water 800m3 daily at 70m water head using a 30kW Solartech AC submersible centrifugal solar pump for li...
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Solar Rapeseed Field Irrigation in Iran

The project adopts Solartech solar pumping system PSA550-2 for rapeseed field irrigation. The system was installed in May, 2012. The solar pumping system was supplied by Solartech, including solar panels, solar pumping inverter, and pump, as well as the bluepr...
Agricultural Irrigation System

Agricultural Irrigation in Middle East

Solution: Adopting PS750 solar water pumping system to irrigate wheat, beans and other economic crops. 65 meters head, the unit cost can be lower than diesel system in two years.