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Agriculture Irrigation of solar pumps

Solar Agriculture Greenhouse Irrigation

Yuanan County’s mushroom cultivation base is a famous demonstration base for exported edible fungi where the mushroom production capability is annually up to 5 million sacks. Enough water irrigation is a guarantee for mushroom cultivation for high quality and quantity.

Ecological Irrigation

Solar ecological irrigation system uses solar pumping system to collect groundwater slightly, and establishes water conservation and supply level beneath the surface through micro-irrigation system; groundwater will be gathered to the roots of plants which effectively prevent moisture from evaporati...

Solar Drought Control

From the second half of 2010, the worst drought in 60 years had spread to Henan, Shandong Provinces in China, many big rivers were drying up, the crops had no water to irrigate, the most severe part suffered difficulty to find drinking water, and the drought was still exacerbating.

Solar Living Water Supply

In many parts of the world, people remain the traditional way of getting water by manpower, but along with the changes of environment and climate, there are still a lot of areas where drinking water is not guaranteed.
Solar pumping system is good at agricultural irrigation where there is no grid available and the location is remote. When sunshine irradiation is enough, the system works normally and stores water

Agriculture Irrigation

As global economic integration speeds up, global population and economic scale continuously grow, serious challenges such as food problem, agriculture water conservancy, and huge energy demand have affected natural ecosystem and human development. The challenges have become so urgent that all of the...
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