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Solar Pump Widely Used, Will Windmill Pump be Replaced Soon?

The project selected SPM600HS permanent magnet solar pump, equipped with three 275W solar panels, the total head of 20 meters and the average daily waterflow is 18 tons. The owner of the original windmill pump has been in disrepair. Affected by the wind season...

Solartech Permanent Magnet Solar Pump Provides a Good Solution for Livestock Drinking in Dry Regions of Bolivia

Solartech PM Solar Pumping Inverter adopts patented dynamic VI maximum power tracking (MPPT) algorithm, which has high reliability and an up to 98% conversion efficiency. The permanent magnet pump adopts permanent magnet (DC brushless) motor excited by rare ea...

Solar Pumping System for domestic water in Honduras

The system can generate 14717 kw/h electricity per year, save 138 tons of standard coal, reduce 61 tons of carbon dioxide, 2.8 tons of sulfur dioxide, 2.1 tons of soot and 36 tons of ash in its service life of 25 years.

Chile Solar pumping Irrigation system

The project adopts Solartech PS15000 solar pumping irrigation system with water head of 30 m and a daily water flow of 120m3. The system pumped water from the well and stored it in the reservoir. When the reservoir is filled with water, it is pressurized by gr...

Global Human Settlements Award

Solartech Solar Water Pumping Technology and Global Application was awarded the United Nations Global Human Settlements Model of Green Technology. Solartech System products have been widely applied in over 100 countries and regions around the world and made gr...

Solartech Solar Pumping System Created the Blue Ocean of Solar Water Conservancy in America