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Dakar, Senegal photovoltaic irrigation project

Dakar has rich sun radiation. Solartech Italian Partner Company visited the site and made the decision to adopt Solartech SPM600C solar DC pumping system for the irrigation of garden plant. The system covers the irrigation the garden plant in 1000 square meter...

Mali Solar Livestock Watering Project

In 2012, Solartech PB7500H solar pumping inverter was installed in this project, working with solar array and pump, the system provides sufficient drinking water for the local herdsman and their livestock in the desert. It guarantees the scale of the desert fa...

Eritrean Solar Water Conservancy Agriculture Irrigation Demonstration Project

Eritrean Solar Water Conservancy Agriculture Irrigation Demonstration Project.After detailed spot investigation of the local agricultural production condition in Adi Quala , the techinical team chose Solartech PS18500 solar drip irrigation system (2 sets).
Solar Pumping System Improved People’s Livelihood

Solartech in Senegal: Solar Pumping System Improved People’s Livelihood

Solution: Solartech solar pumping system PSA1500-1 with solar pumping control box PC-L2/A was applied in this project for full-automatic drip irrigation of the onion and peanut fields, the installation was completed in February, 2013. Solartech is the supplier...
Solar Family Farm Zimbabwe

Solar Family Farm in Zimbabwe

Solution: The system PS550-3 was applied in this project. Installation was completed at the end of September 2012 and the system started operating in October 2012. The plot is 4.5 acres and 4 acres are on drip irrigaton. The solar pumping system lifts water fr...

Livestock Living Water Supply in Botswana

Solution:2 Solartech solar pumping system PS4000-1 were applied in this project, drawing water from 2 boreholes which are 216m and 180m deep, providing over 20m3 of water daily, ensuring the drinking water safety for 600 cattle. A reservoir capacity of 254,000...
solar pump system

Daily Water Supply Pumping System in Uganda

Solution: PS7500 was adopted for the project solving the daily water supplying and agricultural irrigating.