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Solar Pumping Technology Research Center

Since 2001, Shenzhen Solartech Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. had been dedicated to the research of solar water conservancy system application solutions. Solar pumping technology research center is established in Tshinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School and research team comprised of academia of Chinese Academy of Science, doctors, masters and experts. World-leading national key laboratories and world’s first solar pumping system research and demo base are located in the research center. After years of practical application research around the world, Solartech systematically implemented application solutions for agricultural irrigation, desert control, animal husbandry, fresh water supply, seawater desalination, city waterscape, etc. Solartech proprietary “Dynamic VI Maximum Power Point Tracking” and “Anti-Islanding Protection” patents have been leading the field of solar applications.

Solar Pumping System Demestration Base

In 2004, the world's first solar pumping system demonstration base was built in TsinghuaUniversityShenzhenGraduate School. In 2006, PV on grid power generation center for applied research was established. Through decades of study and data collection of system operation, with the experience of participating more than 200 projects in over 60 countries, Solartech solar pumping systems have been successfully applied to agriculture and forestry irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, living water supply, sea water desalinization, city waterscape and so on.

The patented MPPT(maximum power point tracking) algorithm and anti-islanding detection method of Solartech products are on the frontier of global solar applied technologies.

Dr. Lu, Qiang

Chief Scientist, Director of National Key Laboratory of Power Systems in Shenzhen, Academia of Chinese Academy of Science, Professor of Tsinghua University, Solartech Founder

Standing committee member of the CPPCC,
Chief scientist of Chinese Key Fundamental Research Project,
Committee member of the 8th, 9th and 10th CPPCC,
Central committee member of the 7th China Democratic League, Vice chairman of,
the 8th and 9th China Democratic league,
Twice honored second price of National Natural Science Award.

Dr. Xu, Zheng

Chief Engineer, Deputy Director of National Key Laboratory of Power Systems in Shenzhen, Associate Professor of TsinghuaUniversity, Doctor of Engineering, Solartech Founder

Creator of solar pumping technology
Vice president of Shenzhen New Energy Association,
Member of council of GuangDong Association of Automation,
Committee member of ShenZhen Power Conservation Experts Committee,
Executive director of Shenzhen Solar Energy Society,
Expert of ShenZhen Power Conservation Expert league,
Expert of ShenZhen government procurement center,
Member of the editorial board of 《Modern electric power system series》.