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Legal Statement

This web site, namely http://www.solartech.cn/, by the China netcom (group) Co., LTD, henan branch (hereinafter referred to as "the company") to provide. Users in the land this website, please read carefully the legal notices, if you don't agree the terms or the website for the changes, please stop using this web site to provide services. Once you use this web site to provide content, including but not limited to browse the web, download information web content, use of the site to provide third party website links, that is, as you know and completely agree with the law all the terms and condition of the statement.
A web site, use
Unless relevant laws and regulations permit or consent of the company agreed to, this website information and any part shall not be to edit, copy, copy, copy, or for any company allowed without the use of commercial purposes. If the company to identify customers' action is illegal or beneath this web site and the company's legitimate interests, then the company reserves including but not limited to refuse to provide services, freezing or delete member account, take relevant legal measures of right.
Two, link
(a) this web site to the third party web site links
When necessary, this website will provide to the third party the other web business links or guidance super service, or through the frame league and his way on this web site provide third party web site's content, the "content" including but not limited to this web site contains or available any materials, documents, information and communications, software, pictures, charts, logo, design, sound recording, video and sound, and this site any other information.
Web link to a third party only for your convenience with. The company reserves in any time to terminate the third party sites link rights. Link to web sites, the web site of the content and its description or to provide products and services will not be the company's control, so the companies not to any such web site and the content on the, products or services (including the third party web site for further link) responsible for. You once decided to log on or use any links, attention shall be paid to the may be applicable to the web site of any of the terms and conditions of the restrictions, and at the same time to take preventive measures to the landing or use the site to avoid viruses or other damaging factors. For you ashore or use the link from the website any loss, shall be borne by you.
The company for any link web site or the is shown on the content, description or provide any product or service do not make any assurance or statements, and not to make any recognition, the suggestion, approval or introduced. Unless the company rules or otherwise expressly agree that the company will not be with you any link to web sites reached between the provider of any of the parties of the agreement. The company is not liable for any links to provide the content of the web site, product, service are any interruption, delay, holes or neglect results in any damage or loss (whether the damage or loss is direct, indirect, special or accidental) responsible for. This web site to the third party appear web link does not mean that the company or the website and its related, or has obtained the legal authorization to use were linked sites or shown in through its link to any trademark, trade name, logo or copyright.
(2) the third party web site to this website links
The third party sites link to this website, does not necessarily said the company to a third party made some recognition, authorized, sponsorship, or show that the company belongs to this association enterprise, joint ventures, cooperative enterprise or business partners. In most cases, the company did not realize that the third party has provided a link to this website.
Three, forward-looking statements
This web site may contain some forward-looking statements, such forward-looking statements including but not limited to: about the company business strategy statement; About network expansion plan (including the related to make capital investment) statement; About plans to development of a new generation of communication technology and other technology and its associated applications statement; Price change about this company's manage achievement of the expected impact statement; This company's manage achievement about competition of the statement of the effect; About mainland China telecom industry's future development (including industry structure adjustment and government policy changes) statement; And with this company to future business development and business performance for other statements. In the use of "expectations", "believe," "predict" and "expect," "intend to" and other similar words to statements, all with the company of the relevant, the purpose is to specify its are of forward-looking statements.
These forward-looking statements is essentially a risk and uncertainty. Our company can't guarantee will continue to update these forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements reflects the current state of the company under the future view of events, is not a guarantee of future performance of the business. Actual results may be because of many factors, and the forward-looking statements have significant discrepancy, these factors including but not limited to: mainland China telecom industry structure adjustment of further; Will the government approval to and approval, networking and transmission lines arrangement, charges policy, capital investment priority level, spectrum allocation, etc have influence of China's ministry of information industry and other relevant government departments of the regulatory policy change; Competition brings to this company communication service requirement and on the price of influence; Will affect the company communication network survival ability and competition ability of communication technology and related technology changes; And the mainland of China's political, economic, legal and social each aspect of the situation changes, including the Chinese government on the telecommunications industry access, foreign investment and foreign enterprises telecommunications industry into China's telecom market, economic growth and inflation rose, foreign exchange and are disposable credit policy changes. In addition, the company's future network expansion and other capital investment and development plans, all depends on many factors, including, but not limited to, would it be possible to acceptable terms to get enough financing; If you can at a reasonable commercial terms for the necessary number of field to install network equipment; We get the new technology and its development and application ability; And whether have qualified management and technical personnel and many other factors.
Four, privacy protection
(a) the personal data collection
Speaking on condition of anonymity users can access this web site and get information. In this web site provides information about personal request users before, this website will explain the use of such information. The company only in business and live with business