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Mali Solar Livestock Watering Project

In 2012, Solartech PB7500H solar pumping inverter was installed in this project, working with solar array and pump, the system provides sufficient drinking water for the local herdsman and their livestock in the desert. It guarantees the scale of the desert fa...
Solar Swimming Pool in Cyprus

Solar Swimming Pool in Cyprus

Solartech PF solar pumping inverter was successfully installed. PF1500L solar pumping inverter supports wide voltage input range which is perfectly compatible with big power solar panels, working together with the existing 3 phase swimming pool pump, now the h...
Solar Pumping Agriculture Irrigation

Guizhou Solar Pumping Agriculture Irrigation & Daily Water Supply Project

Solartech PSA4000-6 solar pumping system (promoted by China Ministry of Water Resources) was applied in this project, it can produce water 100m3 daily at 56m water head. With a pump station, 3 reservoirs and a water channel built at the same time, the village ...

Bangladesh Government Solar Pumping Project

Bangladesh Government Solar Pumping Project.In 2014, Solartech PSA7500 solar pumping system was installed in Jessore, it can produce water 750m3 daily at 18m water head for irrigation of a 4-acre farm, the sufficient water supply enables 3 harvests per year.
Solar Dairy Farm

Solartech Permanent Magnet Solar Pump Applied in Thailand Solar Dairy Farm

Solartech DC Brushless motor Solar Pumps Applied in Thailand Solar Dairy Farm, the system can produce water 18m3 daily at 18m water head for people and livestock in the Solar dairy farm.
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