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Multiple Power Supplies Water Solar Pumping System in Guizhou

The multi-power supply intelligent water supply system can effectively solve the water supply problems in various fields such as desertification and rocky desertification control, ecological environment improvement, crop irrigation, and human and animal drinki...

Solar Pumping System Agricultural Irrigation System in Bangladesh

Solar Pumping System for domestic water in Honduras

The system can generate 14717 kw/h electricity per year, save 138 tons of standard coal, reduce 61 tons of carbon dioxide, 2.8 tons of sulfur dioxide, 2.1 tons of soot and 36 tons of ash in its service life of 25 years.

Solartech in Yemen:Solar Pumping Irrigation System

In September, 2014, the solar pumping system SPA9200 was used for this project. The solar pump SPA69K2250 with water head 40m and daily water flow 250m³, to meet the neeed of irrigation water around the project site.The whole system consist of 3 parts: solar p...

Chile Solar pumping Irrigation system

The project adopts Solartech PS15000 solar pumping irrigation system with water head of 30 m and a daily water flow of 120m3. The system pumped water from the well and stored it in the reservoir. When the reservoir is filled with water, it is pressurized by gr...
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